Thursday, April 13, 2017

Military Information - Time in Service vs Time in Grade for Naval Promotions

I was curious how long it takes to be promoted from one naval rank to another, so I looked it up in terms of the US Navy and found these stats:

ENS to LTJG:  TIS:  2 years.  TIG:  2 years
LTJG to LT:  TIS:  4 years.  TIG:  2 years
LT to LTCDR:  TIS:  9-11 years.  TIG:  3 years
LTCDR to CDR:  TIS:  15-17 years.  TIG:  3 years
CDR to CAPT:  TIS:  21-23 years.  TIG:  3 years

They want their higher-level officers to have much more experience than the minimum time in grade would indicate.  I call BS on Captain Kirk being promoted to captain at age 34.  He should have been a lieutenant commander at most.  :)

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