Monday, January 9, 2017

Now Out: ARC Proofs of 'Dragons and Witches'

Today in my email I found the advance reader proofs of Dragons and Witches, along with an image of the front and back covers!  This is the initial proof, unedited, which is sent to book reviewers so that they can write reviews before a book's publication date.  In about a month, I and the anthology's other contributors will receive our final proofs, which will incorporate whatever edits we specify from this current draft.  The anticipated publication date for Dragons and Witches is June 2017.

This book was titled Witches and Dragons up until now.  I am rather fond of dragons, however, so I don't mind the change.  :)

While reading the proof I came up with an idea for a further story featuring my two main characters, Merka and Emarys.  I look forward to writing it.  This new story will allow me to develop Emarys' and Merka's world more.  They are going to travel to the kingdom of Navethia to return a stolen item.

I'm trying to be good and am waiting to read everyone else's stories when the book is actually published.  Yeah, we'll see how long that lasts.  It's a long time until June!

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