Sunday, October 18, 2015

Book Commentary: Finding Him

I'm reading a gay romance novel called Finding Him for research. Already, I don't like it--for these reasons.

1. Wealthy boss + impoverished secretary romance. First, it's boss/subordinate, which is never a good idea in real life. Second, successful people in real life tend to not date or to have romantic relationships with unsuccessful people. When I have seen this in real life, it has tended to be abusive or to have at least held the potential for abuse. I have only seen it work well in real life, where there was truly mutual love and respect, once. The Biblical concept of being 'equally yoked' is a valid thing.
2. Obviously gay co-worker is obvious. In and of itself, this is not really a problem. Yes, it annoys me, but it also annoys the two main characters.
3. Every single female character so far has been a bitch. (Except for the IVF specialist, who was entirely professional. I appreciated that.)
4. Adult, married character who doesn't know he is bi. Maybe that's possible in real life, but I'm having a hard time believing it as a plot point. And when the character literally thinks, "Yep, I am 100 percent straight," that just makes me cringe even more.
5. Really pathetically cliched physical descriptions.
6. Wife who screeches during an argument, "My parents warned me you were gay, but I didn't listen!" Really? Seriously? Can it get more pat than this?

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Dad's Best Friend?!

'Dad's Best Friend' romances. :P So not my kink. I didn't even realize that was a genre that could be sold on Amazon.